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With our state of the art vault and security systems you can keep your mind at ease when you store with us.  We offer three levels of service depending on your requirements.

  1. 1. Safety deposit box facilities are fully controlled by you - as the sole holder of the key to your box, which is located within our secure vaults, no-one has access but you. Your box is supplied with $10,000 insurance coverage, complimentary, and competitve rate for coverage above this level. Please contact us for futher details.
  2. 2. Allocated storage allows you full title to your own bullion products secured within our vaults, which can be delivered worldwide (to countries where this is possibly utilising insured courier or similar) or sold back to us at any time.
  3. Our storage rates for allocated bullion are (included for first 12 months.) charged annually upon expiration of any previous storage fees. Your holdings are fully insured for the duration of storage.

    For Gold $11 / Platinum / Rhodium per oz annum.
    For Palladium $8 per oz annum.
    For Silver $9 per kilo per annum.

    These prices could change in future should metal prices significantly increase. ( As a guideline our storage pricing is around 1.5% per annum for silver and 0.75% for Gold, Platinum Palladium and Rhodium).

    All products securely stored in your name, in segregated storage.
  4. 3. Unallocated storage is the lowest cost method for buying gold and silver bullion.  Each holder of unallocated products owns a share of large silver or gold bars held by Perth Bullion Company.  This product is not deliverable, but can be sold back to us, or credited to any of our other products, at current market spot rates.

Safety deposit box rates

Annual Safety Deposit Box Rental

  Width (mm) Height Length Rental
Envelope 145 55 560 $180.00
Small 145 100 560 $250.00
Medium 255 125 560 $375.00
Large 300 200 560 $500.00
Extra Large 450 260 450 $800.00
Custom / Safe Please enquire for rates
Store your own locked box in our vault
Please enquire for rates
* Please note a refundable $250 key deposit is required on all boxe, unelss all keys are left in our facility.


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