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1 oz silver coin - 2014 New Year (Prooflike) - Silver Shield

1 oz silver coin - 2014 New Year (Prooflike) - Silver Shield - 1

1 oz silver coin - 2014 New Year (Prooflike) - Silver Shield

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The premier of the new Silver Shield series by Chris Duane starts January 2014 with a brand new design, sizes and strikes.  
The new 2014 Silver Shield Reverse shows the evolution of the original Silver Bullet Silver Shield series with it's original 47 bullets and shield to the later introduction of the trivium into the 2013 Reverse. Now the 2014 Silver Shield fully embraces the Trivium design that made it's first appearance in 2012 and has made it's way into several subsequent releases like Freedom Girl and Sic Semper Tyrannis.  The 47 bullets remain as symbol of the atomic number of silver.   The overall clean design shows the maturity of the brand and message.  
The first release of the new Silver Shield Series will be also the last of the Silver Bullet SIlver Shield series with the New Years coin. This unique double Reverse design not only marks the transition of years, but also the two brands.  This first release will take the 2013 SBSS reverse and the new 2014 Silver Shield Reverse.  This will mark the transition of the the two series and is a must have for any collector of the series.  This will be available in a 1oz BU and Proof Like Strike for a limited time ending February 28th.