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1 oz silver coin - 2018 Zombucks Barber

1 oz silver coin - 2018 Zombucks Barber - 1

1 oz silver coin - 2018 Zombucks Barber

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Liberty has fallen. She is now a grim reminder of how dangerous the world has become.

The beautiful lady on Charles E. Barber’s iconic quarter has turned, joining the hordes of undead. Once a symbol of freedom and opportunity, her rancid flesh symbolizes impending decay.

On the obverse of each 1 oz round, Liberty cries bloody tears, her eye impaled with scissors, an attack that wounded but failed to kill the undead goddess. Her skin rots under the sun’s swelter, and the tattered ribbons of her triumphal cap shred in the breeze.

Thirteen six-pointed stars dance around the rim, which reads THE BARBER and 2018. The inscription Z50 indicates the round’s value when zombies walk the earth.

Daily routines have grown treacherous for humanity, as the biohazard symbol warns on the reverse of each round. The words CURRENCY OF THE APOCALYPSE, ZOMBUCKS and 1 oz .999 FINE SILVER are inscribed with the Provident Metals compass. Only those who have plotted a course for survival will make it through this horror.

The 2018 The Barber silver round is the fourth in the Zombucks series from the Provident Mint. The more fresh-faced Barber round shuffles in after the Walker, Morgue Anne, and Zombuff, as the rising tide of undead seeks to consume us all. Six more designs remain.

The original Barber quarter was circulated from 1892 to 1912: it is fitting that now, at the end of humanity, we look back to better days.

Groom yourself for the apocalypse with the 2018 The Barber 1oz silver round. Don’t waste another moment.

Zombucks Barber 1oz Copper medallion

Zombucks Barber 1oz Copper medallion

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