Bullion Bourse Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) ACN 140 221 067 formerly trading as "Perth Bullion Company" ("the Company"), has been wound up by an Order of the Federal Court of Australia on 2 July 2019. Neil Cribb of RSM Australia Partners has been appointed Liquidator of the Company.

The business is not trading.

For all enquiries and communication, please visit www.rsm.com.au/perthbullion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy bullion?

We can take orders online, in store, or by phone.  The online procedure is quite easy, just select your products, add them to your cart, and complete the checkout process.  You will receive a confirmation email detailing your order and our payment details. Once payment has been received we will email you to let you know, and then again once your order is sent we will email you the tracking details for your order.

What identification is required to purchase?

As a bullion dealer, Perth Bullion Company is required (by AUSTRAC) to request identification from customers for all purchases totalling AUD$5000 or over in one day. In this case we require, at minimum to sight original, or certified copies of both Primary and Secondary identity documents, as per AUSTRAC definition.  View details or download PDF from the below link.  


This information will be kept (securely under lock and key) for a period of seven years as required by AUSTRAC.  Your information will be kept by us as required, and will only be supplied to a third party (Federal Police / Australian High Court) where a court order compels this action. For more detail please see our terms of trade http://www.perthbullion.com/content/page/terms-and-conditions.html

Do coins come protected for shipping?

All orders for coins or medallions will be supplied with protection for the coin/medallion. Coins will be supplied in either orignal or aftermarket coin tube / individual coin capsule / coin flip for protection.  We also have a range of capsules and display cases for purchase.

Why do your prices change throughout the day?

Our prices and costs are dependant on the world market (spot) prices for the various precious metals, as well as exchange rates for the Australian dollar.  As these prices change so do ours (approximately every 5 minutes).  The markets are closed on weekends, so you will find our prices do not change on weekends.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping rates depend on your location and the packed weight of your order.  Typical rates for Australian orders are below, but for other locations or weight you can verify this online.  Simply visit www.perthbullion.com - then add the desired products to the cart. When you proceed to checkout and enter your delivery country / city / postcode our website will calculate and display the shipping cost for this order.  Please note that your order will not be confirmed at this stage so you can use the website to determine the shipping cost for different sized orders before your choose to place an actual order.

Shipping rates for Australia
Perth metro area $10 for all orders
Australia wide
Up to 500 grams packed weight $11
Up to 1 kilo packed weight $12
Up to 2 kilo packed weight $14.5
Up to 3 kilo packed weight $18.5
Up to 5 kilo packed weight $25

For other weights and locations please contact us by phone or email, or use the procedure described above.

How do I create my own shipping order?

When you have selected "combined shipping" on your orders and you are ready to take delivery, you will need to create a shipping order. Log onto your account and select "my orders". Select the orders you would like shipped and by ticking the box next to the order then select "create shipping order" then press submit. This will take you through to the checkout, as if you were placing a normal order. If you have any problems with this, let us know and we would be happy to help out. 

Can I add bullion to my free shipping cap on numismatic items?

If you place a order for numismatic items and bullion items, you only need to pay shipping on the bullion items. If you have any problems with this, or get charged shipping for the whole order, let us know and we can revise the invoice for you, or credit you any extra shipping paid.

International Payment information?

We accept PayPal (with your PayPal account or Credit Card), Bank Wire (via your bank or online currency exchange).There are some costs for accepting international payments, that we do need to pass through, unless otherwise arranged.

 - Bank Wire - We add $20 to the total on your invoice. This is automatically added during checkout

 - PayPal - 2.75% charge is added

 - Bank Wire using oxforex.com, nzforex.com, ukforex.com, TRANSFERWISE.COM or currencyonline.com (or similar) have no surcharge

How much does insurance cost?

Shipping insurance is included into the price of all our products so there are no surprise extra fees when you come to pay for your order.  Insurance details for our storage services can be found on our <storage> page.

What is the difference between bullion and proof?

Bullion Coins or bars are typically an "investment grade" product. This means they are sold primarily for their precious metal content, and with no guarantee on the finish of the product.  This means some will appear flawless, and may have a small collectors value, but what you are buying is the metal, in this particular form, with no guarantee of quality of finish. Bullion products appear on our website with only a "Unit Price" on the produt web page, non-bullion products will have an "International Price" and "Unit Price".

A proof coin will (unless otherwise stated) be finished to a near flawless finish.  These products are typically provided with certificates, and in display cases.  Due to the higher quality of workmanship required, the extra packaging and the fact that in Australia proof coins attract GST, these products will be sold at a high price, but certainly have a higher quality.

Do you ship worldwide?

We do ship worldwide, barring a handful of countries that have political, logistic, or legal restrictions on receiving bullion or coins.  If you try and purchase but find your country is not available when completing checkout, just email us to confirm whether we do ship to your country.  International orders may be subject to import/customs charges.  If applicable these charges are not included in any shipping costs paid to us.  Please check with your local customs or ask us if you are unsure. 

When will I be able to track my parcel?

Parcels sent using Fedex/UPS will track from the moment of pickup from our store.  Australia Post parcels do not always track immediately. In particular is your parcel is sent registered post (in Australia) it may not track until it reaches your destination state.  If you are overseas the Australia Post parcel will show limtied information (usually item picked up and date) until the items reaches the destination country.  You can then track on your local postal website, or on www.auspost.com.au/track.

Why do I need to verify my PayPal account?

We need to verify your identity for credit card and PayPal transactions to protect ourselves, and the cardholder from fraud.  We can only accept PayPal payments where the account and delivery address are PayPal Verified.

To meet this requirement we require either -
1 - You provide scanned or photocopied form of ID that matches the address you have entered on your order.
2 - That you update your paypal account to verify your chosen delivery address. We will then refund your payment so you can make a "PayPal verified" payment.

To verify your chosen address with PayPal please see - https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/helpcenter/helphub/article/?solutionId=FAQ993&topicID=&m=ARA

3 - Request to cancel your order

When this has been done we can complete your order and update you on its progress. 
If this is not done, the money will be refunded to you via PayPal until we resolve your order status. If this does happen, you will receive a message notifying you of this, and we will cancel your order.

Do I need a appointment to come in store?

You do not need a appointment, unless you are wanting to view your safety deposit box.

Can someone else pick up an order on my behalf?

Yes, however we require the person who ordered to contact us to arrange this.  You will be asked to provide ID matching that supplied to us, and we will need to keep a copy on file.

End of Financial Year valuation of bullion?

Please use below table to find Australian Dollar (AUD) per oz metal prices at Australian end of financial year dates.

Gold Silver Platinum Palladium
30/06/2018   1691.35 21.75 1151.82 1281.60
30/06/17   1615.72 21.42 1199.19 1093.84
30/06/16   1773.53 24.65 1341.48 790.92
1534.09 20.49 1409.89 873.45
1397.62 22.13 1576.44 897.76
1353.87 21.55 1568.37 724.54
1573.54 27.11 1424.34 573.23
1408.2 32.43 1610.86 709.12
1457.79 21.82 1798.97 533.9
1161.59 17.36 1474.25 311.11
967.87 18.45 2152.02 486.91
764.53 14.63 1497.41 429.51
809.31 14.42 1632.6 426.98
572.74 9.28 1160.14 239.69
568.03 8.49 1126.3 317.56
519.18 6.8 1002.4 268.06
562.88 8.58 953.73 565.17
533.12 8.54 1089.36 1176.35
481.68 8.33 949.21 1082.43

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