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CUSTOMER BUY ORDER - 1 gram Gold Unallocated

CUSTOMER BUY ORDER - 1 gram Gold Unallocated  - 1

CUSTOMER BUY ORDER - 1 gram Gold Unallocated

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1+ AUD $73.07

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Perth Bullion Company is proud to offer the following options for customers to buy or sell unallocated or allocated metals. Unallocated and Allocated bullion is sold at a premium over spot, and bought back at spot price. You can sell back to us online, over the phone, or via email. Funds will be credited to your bank account, or can be used towards other goods from our store.

We do not allow short selling of bullion, as all our unallocated bullion is always backed by physical stock. That is, you may only sell unallocated bullion that you have previously purchased - you cannot sell bullion first, and then buy back at a later date.

All our unallocated orders are covered by physical metal, held in our vaults. All allocated orders are covered by individual gold or silver bars, which are physically stored in your name, and include storage for up to one year in an Allocated Safe, within our vaults. You will be provided with a statement of holdings at the end of each financial year.

To redeem unallocated bulllion for physical bullion simply place a "Customer SELL order.." and a separate for any physical goods. We will credit the sale towards your physical purchase and advise of the balance payable.

To take delivery of Allocated metals, please email with a delivery request.