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Safety deposit box facilities are fully controlled by you - as the sole holder of the key to your box, which is located within our secure vaults, no-one has access but you.  Whether you live in Perth, elsewhere in Australia, or overseas, you can purchase investment bullion and store it safely in our Perth vault.  You have various options to securely purchase or sell your bullion and have us add or remove it from your safety deposit box wherever you are in the world. Just email us for more details.

Your box is supplied with $10,000 insurance coverage, complimentary, and competitve rate for coverage above this level. Please download and complete the attached application, you will need to xxxxxx.  To secure your box you can purchase your first 12 months rental online, or just contact us directly. Insurance, if required, can be purchased separately. A key deposit may be applicable if you choose to take possession of both sets of keys for your box.  (You can leave these in our custody and no deposit is required). 

What storage options are there?
Perth Bullion Co. offers a number of short, medium and long term options for secure storage including:
secure document storage (sealed A4 or A3 envelopes); customer locked boxes; custom safes; safety deposit boxes; and both allocated & unallocated bullion storage.
What can I store?
Your safety deposit box is a convienient place to store important or valuable items which would be difficult or expensive to replace. You can store just about anything of value or which needs to be secure. Items may include: jewelery; collectable stamps or coins; memorabilia; bullion; cash; specie; photos; negatives back up tapes or important documents such as property deeds; bonds; titles; birth or marriage certificates etc.
We do not advise storing items which may be required in a hurry or an emergency such as passports,
emergency cash or documents which may be required if you become incapacitated or passed away, such as powers of attorney paperwork or your will.
You cannot store liquids, property or substances which may be harmful, hazarous or dangerous or use the box for any purpose which may conflict with or breach any State or Federal law, statute or regulation.
How long does it take to set up storage?
Secure storage can normally be set up in around 15 minutes.
Do I have to Provide ID?
Yes, we are required by Austrac under the AML/CTF Act to 'Know Our Customer' which requires us to either sight and copy your photographic ID, or obtain an original certified copy.
Is my box private?
Yes it is private. Only those persons that you nominate as 'registered persons' have access to the contents of your box.
Do I have to declare what is in my box?
No, however the same rules still apply regarding what cannot be stored. For insurance purposes having the contents witnessed and listed assits if there was to be a claim.
How many registered (nominated) persons can I have?
This is completely up to you (the Licensee).
Can I operate my box remotely?
Yes you can operate your safety deposit box from anywhere in the world. You can either have a nominated registered person access the box for you or request a staff member (via a written 'Authority To Act') to add or remove bullion you may have purchased or sold through Perth Bullion Company.
When can I get access to my safety deposit box?
Access is available by booking an appointment between 9:15am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.
How do I access my safety deposit box?
For security purposes no one but Perth Bullion Co. is permitted entry to our vaults. Your box will be brought to you in a secure private room. Extra Large boxes cannot be brought to a private room.
What types of agreement are available?
Private – (personal) In this case the Licensee (or Primary erson) can nominate registered persons who have limited rights to access the box. Registered persons can add or withdraw contents from the box but cannot add additional nominated persons, cancel the box or make changes to the size or location).

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