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Terms and Conditions.


As a standard, orders may take up to 2 weeks to dispatch. Although they usually get there much sooner - if you require your order urgently please email to confirm first.  The price is locked in at time of sale. 

All Bullion sales are FINAL and legally binding, if you make a mistake in your order, please let us know as soon as possible and we will cancel or rectify that order. A 10% (bullion) or 25% (collectors coin) restocking fee will apply, at our discretion, on top of administration fee of $50. Any unpaid orders cancelled immediately, (within 15 minutes) will incur no costs. Any order payments made towards an orders will not be refunded without incurring these fees.

Where an order is cancelled and altered, any costs incurred by Perth Bullion Company in accomodating these changes will be passed on in full to the customer.

Please Note: We are not responsible for typographical errors and reserve the right to void a sale at our discretion. Market volatility or problems updating this website may result in inaccurate pricing.

Perth Bullion Company reserves the right to cancel or amend any orders and will advise of any changes if they are made.


Where items are unavailable for immediate delivery they will be back ordered from our suppliers. Where this causes a delay, Perth Bullion Company will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect costs incurred. We can, however, exchange the item for an equivalent, or similar item should an item become unavailable from our supplier.

Please note that times given for backorders to be filled are estimates only, and are based on information available at the time.  Circumstances beyond our control such as supplier stock shortages, shipping delays and other issues may impact on expected delivery times.


All payments are to be made within 24 hours of placing an order to allow Perth Bullion Company to receive funds in out bank account within 2 working days unless by prior arrangement. Payment received later than this may delay fulfillment of your order. Please submit a copy of bank transfer or deposit information upon completing payment to A finance fee of 1% per month applies on all outstanding amounts where Perth Bullion Company agrees to accept late payment, unless otherwise agreed.  Where payment is received late, fulfillment of your order may be delayed.


We are required to collect and retain identification for customers with orders for bullion products totalling over $5000 in value in one calendar day by AUSTRAC (dept of Australian Federal Government.)  These certified copies can be mailed to us at PO Box 256, Cloverdale, 6985, Western Australia - or your originals brought into store. 

These documents are not submitted or given to any third parties. No orders can be completed until this is done.

The documents required are a certified copy of two list A, or one list A and one list B form of identification.  You may be required to resubmit these documents after 12 months from original submission.

List A: Current Passport, Drivers License, or Birth Certificate

List B: Utility bill (power, water, phone, rates.) medicare card, bank issued banking statement.

Due diligence / Security

By ordering from Perth Bullion Company, customers agree to take due diligience in regards to their orders. In particular -

All delivery addresses must be suitable to receive orders, if someone at this address accepts your order it is considered delivered in full.  If your delivery address/location has a standing authority to leave parcels at the address without signature your order is considered delivered in full.  Do not sign for any parcels that appear to have been already opened, or tampered with - as this will invalidate any insurance/replacement claim.

When tracking numbers for an order are supplied, customers agree to monitor the online tracking link until the parcel is received.  Any discrepancies in destination or delivery of parcel from details supplied during order process will be reported immeditately.  If a parcel is delivered and no contact from customer is received in 1 week, your order is considered delivered in full.

Customers agree to utilise appropriate measures to keep their email address, login details to and banking details, including online logins, secure.

Perth Bullion Company will never ask you to send goods or funds to any other address or account except those listed on our website and provided during checkout.  If you receive any suspicious requests please call us or contact us at


No bullion will be shipped from Perth Bullion Company until payment is received in full.

All orders that have items purchased on a pre-order or backorder, are bought on the knowledge that the items are not in stock and any estimation on delivery times are based on information provided to us by our supplier. Any changes on delivery times are out of our control. Due to this we will not be splitting shipments or cancelling orders without charging a processing/cancellation fee.

Shipping is via Australia Post, Fedex, UPS, TNT, Brinks or other courier, as determined by us.  If you have a special request please let us know.

If you do not want your order shipped immediately please use the shipping option "Combined Shipping, or Metal storage (We will not ship until separate shipping invoice is requested and paid.) ". When you are ready to have your order shipped please ask us.  We can hold your orders for free for up to three months only.  Any orders left longer than this will have storage and insurance costs applied prior to release.

Where a coin capsule, or packaging is damaged during transit we reserve the right to replace the damaged component without return of the original coin and undamaged packaging.

All orders are insured, and must be signed for by an adult at the delivery address.  Do not sign for any parcels that appear to have been already opened, or tampered with (Torn packaging, or package appears to have been resealed, package weight is wrong or otherwise suspicious) as this will invalidate any insurance/replacement claim. In the event that you reject the parcel just email us and we will follow up with the carrier.  "Person to Person" delivery (signature of recipient only) is available for an extra charge, please contact us if this is required. 

PayPal / Credit Card

PayPal or credit card paying customers are required to provide identification, as above, for all orders over $300 in value, any orders that are picked up from our store or PayPal payments with non-verified PayPal addresses . The delivery address must match that of your identification.

If you have an unverified PayPal account, or PayPal address, you have the option of verifying your account or address with PayPal instead of providing identification to us only if your order is below $300 in value.

Paypal orders may be held for up to a week before processing to allow funds to clear.

Acredit card surcharge of 30c plus 1.5% will be applied to sales (unless otherwise specified).

A Paypal surcharge of 30c plus 1.5% will be charged on national orders and 30c plus 2.75% on international orders.


Returns are not accepted on bullion products unless incorrectly supplied or described. Please consider your order carefully before ordering. For any incorrectly supplied, damaged or otherwise disputed orders, advice of your claim must be received in writing (email or mail) within seven (7) days of delivery of the disputed order. 

Bullion coins and bars are supplied as investment products.  That is, they are not sorted, graded, or inspected for flaws, and any new bullion products are supplied in original manaufacturers condition. Perth Bullion Company will not bear any cost in replacing and products, but may do so at your cost, on a case by case basis. New proof coins (Boxed collectors coins typically supplied with certificate and display case) are expected to be in Mint condition with no scratches, package damaging or obvious coin flaws.  We will replace or rectify any proof coins supplied that are below this standard.  Secondary market proof coins may have minor packaging damage or wear, however this should be noted on our listings, or be represented by any photos presented.

Where packages are returned to Perth Bullion Company from within Australia and we are not at fault, additional postage costs will be charged per package to send items out a second time.  Minimumum return cost per package of $15.00 will be charged per package, plus any cost of reposting the package.

Market Loss

Where orders are not paid for, or cancelled, our market loss policy will apply.  Specifically the customer will be liable for the costs incurred by Perth Bullion Company upon cancellation of order.  These include, but are not limited to - 

1 - Difference in metal component price of goods due to fluctuation of spot market.  If spot price drops you will owe the difference, if spot increases you will receive no credit unless order has previously been paid. Spot prices are timestamped and emailed on your order confirmation email. 

2 - Restocking fee will apply wherever an item has been ordered in specially for your order, or for any numismatic (collectors coins) item.  This will be 25% of the sale price. 

3 - Order cancellation fee of $50 will apply to cover administrative and accounting costs. 

4 - The Market Loss amount will be invoiced to customer and forwarded to debt collection and credit rating agencies for formal recovery upon failure to pay. 

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